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bill of rights

As a dad, one of your top goals and tasks is to protect your kids.  From sickness, from the things that go bump in the night, from the boogie man, from bullies and assholes in public and at school.  However, when the bullies and assholes at school are the teachers and others in administration, your hands are somewhat tied.  Because you see, if you stick up for your kid to them, they just take it upon themselves to try to make life more hellish for your child.

For instance, my phone rang recently while I was at home tending to the youngest two.  “Hello”…”Is this Michael?”…first of all, only telemarketers and my wife when she’s pissed at me call me Michael.  Friends know me as Mike and I expect those who deal with my children to call me Mr. Slawter.  Yes, I am that asshole.  I’m not your buddy who you get a beer with after a day of making life hell for middle schoolers.

The phone call was to tell me that my daughter “allegedly” had made reference to another student in an unflattering way.  OK.  It was relayed to me what my daughter “allegedly” said, and I say this because the other girl was smart enough to delete her own texts as to defend herself as the victim.  Ok, so my kid called someone else a name.  And…at this point I am about to call you the same thing.

The reason…you only have 1/2 the story.  And you, a former instructor of sorts because I cannot really call what you did teaching, call me to tell me my kid has detention for calling someone a name.  It was a racist name.  It wasn’t my child being a bigot.  It was my daughter saying back to the other girl the same thing she said to her.  We live in the 21st damned century.  For over 235 years we’ve had this thing called the Bill of Rights with a 1st Amendment that grants the freedom of speech.  That freedom is not guaranteed in all instances as the SCOTUS made the ruling in Schenck v. United States.  In dangerous situations, freedom of speech is not guaranteed.  I’m fairly certain that same group of old men however and even those today would laugh at the idea that simply because someone’s feelings were hurt that my child doesn’t have the right to say what she feels in retaliation to being called the same thing.

The problem with America today is that we are raising a group of pansies.  A bunch of punks too.  To the Yanks who don’t know what Southern Ire is, poke the bear too many damn times and you will find out.  There is only so much stupid that this dad can take.  Remember, my child has a right to speak and say what she feels.  No rights are absolute, however, remember that by labeling one child only as a trouble maker and not fully investigating the situation and also by lying to me about what she did say, calls into question not only your character or lack thereof but also brings into play the idea of you defaming the character of someone else.

And as for the teacher she has who thinks it is cute to throw papers back in her face, bug off jackass.  Your one step closer to early retirement with behavior like that.  And for the other teacher who thinks it is funny to embarrass her because of the fact she did get detention, your no better than the others.  A daddy protects his kids like a lion protects their pride.  And often in the same manner.