Thanksgiving has come and gone already. Christmas is right around the corner too.  For my kids, it is the time to get gifts and have fun. This is the first year after losing 80+ lbs from surgery and things are different on that front too.  I’ve been able to eat some of the things I did prior to surgery. I tried over Thanksgiving to keep the foods cooked as close to the same thing as years prior. In my mind it isn’t fair to the kids to not allow them to indulge a little. However, I’m feeling that didn’t go as well as I had planned.  They didn’t get much of a “normal” holiday meal.

For Christmas, I’m going to try to do better for them to have food they like. We didn’t do a whole turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Not a big deal given that most of the time the kids don’t like turkey as much. How times change!  As a kid and even as an adult, I loved turkey. This year instead we got a honey-brined breast and it was awful. It didn’t taste quite right.  Too much honey and not so much brine.

With Christmas, I am always trying to make it great for the kids like my mom did for me. Even though she had cancer most of my life, she tried hard to have some normalcy to it. Between the food, lights and decorations, and trying to get the presents right, I fail. Admittedly, I fail awfully bad too.

Planning and making things try to work out doesn’t work. Having a tween who has no concept of money is just as bad too. She thinks money grows on trees. As such, her list reflects that. The little kids haven’t seen Santa yet. As a matter of fact, I am not sure if they’ve ever been.  The times are different and nostalgia is all but a thing of the past I feel.

As for myself, I’m to the point I don’t care about presents for me. I’d rather have the kids be happy. Part of the issue this year too with getting into the spirit is the weather. Yesterday it was 61 degrees. No snow on the horizon either and the kids are worried the snow will not come this year.

It makes it tough. The days are passing by too fast. At times I cannot keep up and the kids too are rushed, trying to keep up with the season too.  Here’s to hoping it gets better sooner than later.