About 3-4 weeks ago our youngest came home from daycare with the crud. Coughing and hacking and full of congestion. I am at a loss at times on how to fix it.  Truth be told, crud and funk nowadays hangs on longer.  Or maybe it only seems that way now that I’m a parent.

He has always had a problem with congestion. He can’t shake it for days. Then, the others got a little bit of it too.  Finally, I succumbed as well. It got bad enough for me that I went to the doctor. I don’t do that willingly. I hate doctors offices.  Having a loved one die at a young age will do that to you.

I got in and as I had thought, we had a virus. The doctor prescribed some cough medicine and sent me on my way. Nothing bacterial-based, so no antibiotics. Finally we turned a corner and then bam: fevers for ALL the kids. More cough and congestion for the kids. Yesterday I had all 3 at home coughing and hacking.

Yesterday, I truly thought I had an infirmary going.  I’m hoping that they will be better all the way around in time for Christmas.  If not, I think I will hide somewhere. With it being viral, all you can do is treat the symptoms. And having sick kids can take the wind out of your sails. The hardest part is not being able to fix it.

They went back to their respective little school rooms and middle school today. I’m just hoping that they will continue to get healthy. A parent can hope, right?