Play time in this sense of the word is referring to a school play.  A theatrical performance if you will.  My oldest has tried out for the middle school play.  The hope is that she makes it into the actual play and isn’t relegated to the “crew”.  That is her hope anyway.  As for me, I don’t have a feeling or thought on it.  I think expanding her horizons beyond sports is great.  A well-rounded kid is great.  Artistic, whether in speech or acting or art such as painting/drawing is a great attribute to have.   It is one which I do not have.

My wife can draw, can play music and if she wanted to do so, could be an author.  She published a short story a while back, Mama’s Gone .  I must say she is pretty good at that.  Our oldest has painted some things as well and did great in last spring’s art show for her school.  What some kids do start off as just mindless fidgeting while I believe our kids put some heart into their works.

With this play however, I hope that she will get a part.  It is Alice in Wonderland.  While I don’t think she would match the blonde-haired Alice, my brunette kiddo could easily play the Queen, the Cheshire Cat, the Door Mouse, or even the White Rabbit.  I could see her doing that part GREAT!  Running around saying “off with their heads” isn’t quite for her.

With this however, I firmly believe that no matter whether or not she makes the cast, being a part of the crew too can be rewarding.  Effort and creativity can go a long way in set design, etc.  I’m just hopeful that she can make it…