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I love education.  I did as a kid for the most part.  However, as an adult, but moreover as a parent, I am NOT a fan of the public education system.  I’ve said that before.  We are failing our children in many ways.  The lack of qualified educators is more visible now than ever before in my opinion.  And qualified doesn’t mean you have a degree in the field and a teaching certification or certificate.  Qualified means you actually teach my kid(s) something.  Even if it is how to write their names.

Watching the election play out alongside my 12-year-old, I was distraught.  I saw in it a teaching moment.  A time to educate people on things.  I am still that thinking way.  We’ve gone and turned the clocks back in America by decades.  We are the embarrassment of the world.  Why we did this, I don’t know.  My daughter asked me how we could be so stupid through her tears on the Wednesday morning of November 9, 2016.  I had no answer.  In fact, I was wondering the same exact thing.  In retrospect to that night, what we’ve done is “hired” Ernest T. Bass with a comb over to be our leader; our POTUS.

He hates people of color.  He thinks that we should nuke the hell out of countries that don’t get along with us.  He despises and puts down women of all kinds.  He cannot, in good faith, name a single leader that isn’t communist that is going to like him.  I think he wants to run the DOJ like Hoover did.  Run the Treasury like a business.  Run the country like one too.

For my kids I worry about education.  I worry about the justice system and how it will handle things over the next 4 years.  I worry now that the Rethuglicans hold all power in DC that we will be fighting for basic necessities in 4 years like toilet paper and paper towels.  I’m worried that things such as the Civil Rights Act, the ADA and the Hatch Act will be rolled back to pre-prohibition thinking.  We’ve allowed an ego-centered, misogynistic, lying, deceiving, conniving, hating and homo-phobic person to rule a place people once dreamed of coming to.

What do we tell the kids?  The ones coming of age in this new “era” of dis-enlightenment?  Do we stoke the fears?  Do we allow them to be scared?  What happens if we buck the new system?  Will we be shunned and hauled away?  Will he start wanting to rid America of Americans who disagree with him?  Time will tell how that will go.  My two youngest have no idea of what is going on.  For that, I am thankful.  What does worry me is how people of color and different nationalities other than a WASP are going to be treated.

All I know is this: He was elected under a system that isn’t majority-rules.  He was put into power based on a system that was flawed from the beginning with the Electoral College.  We will be shunned and hated.  We will be hated, attacked and ridiculed.  We will no longer be the leader of the world in many areas.  I for one am holding onto my thoughts that somewhere, somehow Abe Lincoln will come back from the dead and rescue us-SAVE THE UNION AGAIN ABE!!  You know, along with MLK, Jr., JFK, RFK and others.  Hell, maybe Elvis will be driving a Cadillac with all of them in it!