It is time for school to start; almost.  3 weeks to go.  Then my oldest will start 7th grade.  This year she has been placed in honors language arts and math.  So, she will be in pre-algebra.  I pray that she does better with it than I did.  However I believe mine was a mental block.  Or at least partially.  I told myself I couldn’t do it.  I think truly I just wanted to slack off.

7th grade was right at 30 years ago for me.  A long time.  I remember my homeroom teacher who was my science teacher also-Jan Varon.  Not much else about her sticks out.  I had Mr. Dillard for social studies, Mrs. Payne for math, Mrs. Kennerly, Coach Alexander for PE, Ms. Mays for computers-yes, computers with the Oregon Trail game and green screens.  Charles Wallace was our principal and he was assisted by Glenwood Allen and John Morris.  Two of the 3 administrators were black in the 2nd richest neighborhood in town.  I can still remember how that went over.

For my oldest, this is a different thing.  Her assistant principal will be new as the old one is gone.  She spent yesterday trying to figure out who all she had class with out of her friends.  I’m not sure that she found out much.  On top of that, basketball tryouts are in about 12 days.  I don’t know where the summer went as I vaguely remember her stepping off the bus from 6th grade for the last time.

As in every other year, I will cry on the first day.  It’s tradition.  On the first day of real school I puked when she got ready to go.  I think I am beyond puking for her.  However, next year will be the true test when our middle child goes to kindergarten.  She was the one I decided to stay home for.  Then we had our son, the 3rd child.

As the end of the month looms and I realize that I have 6 mere and few years left before she heads off to college, I am reminded of my mom.  Do your best and that’s all I expect was what she said about learning and grades.  I’ve said it to Abby a million times the words I echo from my mom: I don’t care if you flunk, but come home with a NI or a U in conduct, and you will be sorry.  That probably will never change.

I love my wife and I love my kids!!