Sleeve_Gastrectomy_IllustrationWell, this morning I woke bright and early at 4:30 am.  I’m used to going to bed at that time and have been since my night shift days in college at NC State.  Getting up that early generally involves one of a few things: I’m sick, a kid is sick, the dog is sick, I need to get ready to go hunting, kids are up for Christmas already or every once in a while I will go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  But today was different.  My beautiful wife needed to be at the hospital for surgery.

7 weeks ago tomorrow I had surgery.  This morning, right now probably as a matter of fact, my beautiful bride is having the same thing done.  I cannot say much on how she sees it from this end.  As for me, I felt fairly certain it was the right thing going into it.  Now, in hindsight, that vision is 20-20 and I would have preferred ANY alternate means to helping me lose weight.  It is brutal.  It hurts your body in so many different ways.  It is too hard to explain it all, but suffice it to say, I would steer and person away from it.  Other than enemies and a few family members which are enemies too.  A herd of wild buffalo were NOT going to stop her this morning.  I do know that much.

It is surreal to know that she is going through what I went through.  Same surgeon, same hospital, same exact stuff.  We trust the surgeon and staff.  The nurses on the floor where you recover are a bit too Nurse Ratched.  But other than that it is ok while at the hospital.  Well, there is the tech who put in my IV line that blew it too but such is life.

The changes that she will experience may be the same.  She may feel and do things totally different.  It is her circus this time.  I just know that I feel for her IF she experiences 1/2 of what I dealt with and am still dealing with to an extent.  It is a complete lifestyle change.  The things you loved before don’t even sound remotely interesting on some level.  Well, some of the things.  There are still a ton of things I know I will want to eat.  Some I have tried little by little to re-introduce.  It’s been a rough go, but it has gotten better.

I pray that she will come through unharmed. That it will be what she wants it to be and that her success will be great.  She has determination.  With this aiding tool, I know she will accomplish with it what she wants.  I just know that the next 6-7 weeks will be an interesting ride.