Maybe that is a stretch.  The title.  However, 5 weeks post-op and I’m not myself.  And I hate this.  I can’t do the things I want to do.  However there are things I have to do.  Changing diapers.  Somehow on Sunday my children picked up some kind of stomach thing.  Let’s just say someone who has been fighting nausea the last month didn’t need that on his plate on Tuesday.  Momma stayed home on Monday, but Tuesday it will still present.  Shot #1.

Next is my crazy lab dog.  She doesn’t understand I am still out of commission for a lot of things.  It is tedious to lift a gallon of milk.  After 10 surgeries I can say without a doubt, this is the worst.  Having an appendectomy and sigmoid colectomy-look it up- at the same time were easier.  So, the dog thinks its ok to bury her claws and head on my stomach.  Shot #2.

I try the best I can to never trade in or tarnish the “man card”.  Also known as pride.  So, I needed to change the tractor belt last week.  Hot day. On the concrete.  Grass every damn where.  In clothes that no longer fit.  Shot #3.

Driving last Friday to pick up my oldest from camp.  8 hours round trip in the car.  Shots 4, 5 and 6.  I’m getting peppered with post-op shit bullets.  This has not been easy.

I’m not looking for pity or a cry fest.  What I am saying to you all is eat healthy, exercise and watch what you eat.  Be healthy.  Don’t get obese, chubby, fat, etc. This surgery is awfully painful and the recovery is long and painful.

My kids understand to an extent.  The littlest ones know I hurt.  They want me to feel better.  Part of that is I believe they want their play buddy back who will take them places and cave in on stuff.  Abby has helped me out big a few times.  The Mrs. has done the most and for that I’m grateful.  However, in 11 days she has the same surgery.  I’m hoping I will be better by then because the roles will be reversed.  God help us.