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As part of surgery, the recovery process is slow and steady.  Well, honestly it sucks this go round!  It wasn’t this bad with any of the other 9 surgeries.  For the surgical record:

Left eye removed, gallbladder removed, wisdom tooth extraction, colon surgery/appendectomy, hernia surgery, kidney stones-1, kidney stones-2, right hand surgery, left hand surgery.

I’ve been a pin cushion, a test dummy, a real-life version of Operation.  By far the worst ever before this was the partial sigmoid colectomy and appendectomy.  I was in the hospital around 19 total days.  Prior to surgery it hurt.  Lots of pain, I couldn’t keep food down, I lost weight at a rate that the doctor was even baffled by.  Afterwards I hurt about 5 days.  A staple popped on day two after coming home.  That wasn’t cool.  Sure, the other surgeries had some level of pain.  Sharp and intense, dull and achy, etc.

With pretty much all of these, except 3, I’ve had a kid or kids at home.  They don’t understand.  They are scared and they ask questions.  Tip-toeing around the answer isn’t something I’ve ever been good at.  Their mom has that ability and tact and refuses to let out too much.  I come home and show scars and holes.  I don’t want them to be afraid IF ever something needs to be done to them.

Each surgery had different requirements in order to recover.  With my eye it has taken years and I still am not 100% spot on with things such as depth perception, knowing someone is beside me, etc.  Although I can do really well on other things with it.  Other surgeries I refused to let them hold me back.  I missed two days maybe with my wisdom teeth.  Gallbladder was 5 days from work.

This time is different though.  My duties as a father are paramount to me.  I try as best as I can not to shirk them.  I don’t run and hide from things.  From my wife’s point of view, I often take things on too much and make too much out of things.  I always have for little kids.  I don’t appreciate it when they are trampled on.  Yes, I will be the first to admit I am not the perfect parent and I parent the same way my mom and her mom did in many ways.  It irks some and for others I guess they are ok with it.  For me life should be about living.  I’ve often made too much out of nothing.  That whole mountain out of a mole hill.  With surgery this time, it has been a battle.  Changing diapers while nauseous=Hell.  Feeding a dog while nauseous=Hell.  Smells of food being cooked at home=DOUBLE HELL.  But then some of the stuff being cooked makes me want to eat!

Pain as I said only lasted a few days after coming home.  No pain pills in over a week and only 1-2 Tylenol since then.  The hardest part has been the hurdle I call NAUSEA HELL.  It’s a big hurdle/hill.  From the day at the hospital they dropped off a tray to my room and said drink up, it has been awful.  From water to juice to broth to diet tea and sugar free lemonade.  Jello made me puke.  Who pukes from Jello?  Me, that’s who!

Then they brought the protein shakes to my room.  Uh, yea, ok.  I tried one swallow and that was it.  I got home and have been living off water, electrolytes and apple juice.  And Crystal Lite lemonade.  It’s all I could bear.  I tried protein shakes 2 more times since coming home.  Nope, not me.  That was until today.

There isn’t much that can make me better oddly enough than frustration and being pissed off.  I channel that into the can-do mentality.  I do it so I can make myself do what I need to do lots of times. That finally has been the case now, 15 days into a liquid diet post-op.  I know that I need the protein.  I know that I have to have it  So, I figured that I needed once again to pull up my big boy pants and take my medicines or in this case protein.

Major hurdle crossed: I’ve gotten 30 grams into me today.  How?  I don’t know.  Why?  Because I need to.  Now, whether or not it will have adverse reactions on my new body system, I don’t know.  I can only hope and pray that I will be able to survive this.  I hate the flavor now.  Before the surgery it wasn’t terrible.  But it wasn’t like a milkshake or a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

With this part down or in the process of moving along, I can now focus on building my strength back up to walk more than halfway around the market without feeling like I need a chair!  That and some vitamins I have to start ingesting.  Oddly enough that I am able to start drinking protein again when I am supposed to start eating pureed foods.  This recovery is taking longer than I imagined, but hey, hopefully in the long run it will pay off.

And again I can show my kids that you can jump hurdles, climb mountains, and finish things you start when you put your mind to it!