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Presumably, last night for the first time in history, a woman was able to capture and secure the nomination for a major political party and run for POTUS.  I am political.  I am a dyed in the wool blue Democrat.  I will be until I die.  If perhaps the GOP were to run their party the way Lincoln did, I would switch.  However, I believe Jesus would be selling sno-cones for Satan first.

I’ve sat back and watched and hoped and waited.  Waiting patiently that someone older than President Reagan would not win the nomination.  Nothing personal against Bernie, however I know by the end of the last fellow that old, we were getting advice on how to run the country from an astrologer.  Not sound political advice or national security advice.  Wonder if she told him that little green men would come again to Roswell?

All kidding aside, I’m excited.  But for a different reason.  In 2008 it was because we needed REAL CHANGE and HOPE.  And we got it.  It showed the world that we believed that a person, no matter their race, could run the USA.  And he’s done an excellent job.  It was exciting to watch that election play out.

Now my excitement surrounds the fact that there is presumably a female who will be on the ticket for POTUS.  As a father of 2 girls, this shows them a lot.  My 4 year old won’t know or realize what it means, yet.  My 12 year old, I believe grasps it a little.  But not fully.  She doesn’t realize that 150 years ago, a woman couldn’t vote.  That women were once referred to as chattel.  That still today, a woman makes between .20 and.30 less on the dollar than a man for the same job in many instances.

She doesn’t understand that her mother when we were first married went to go car shopping.  And the sales rep had the balls to tell her to come back with her husband.  That my wife is still given one answer at a repair shop or car place versus what I am given.  That my wife is still looked down upon simply because she is a woman.

Having a woman become elected POTUS would be excellent.  It would put this nation on a path towards equal rights in terms of many female-centered things, equality not just for women but others in society such as the LGBT community, it would mean that we could hold our heads high as a nation and prove that we family have become civilized part of the first world.

Having a women potentially get elected shows my daughters and all the other girls out there, you can be POTUS and there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that can stop you if you put your mind to it.  As a kid I remember Sally Ride as an astronaut.  Then women started to become elected as governors.  Then female cabinet members for the POTUS such as Madeline Albright, Condi Rice, and female ambassadors.  A female attorney general in Janet Reno, and then we had a black male attorney general and now a black female in Lynch.

Women are still grossly underrepresented in the federal judiciary, but those times will change too I believe.  Now with Hillary Clinton running for POTUS, my girls can watch and wait and hope and pray and see, determination and strong will with hard work can and will pay off.