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Does it matter if you have a religion or are religious?  As a parent, trying to set an example it is tough to try and strive to do what Jesus would do or have done if you are a Christian.  Some say there is no way it can be achieved and the world shows us that is right.  But how can we be better examples for our kids?  Can we?

I pray daily.  For various things that to some make no sense and to others they are right there with me.  I don’t pray enough.  Nor do I thank God enough for what He has done for me and my family.   But for my kids, I think He is actually working in them.  Our oldest has found a home in a youth group at church.  She also has a small group study on Tuesday nights.

A couple of weeks ago she also attended an overnight retreat with the youth group.  She loved it she said and had a great time.  Yet, I find myself struggling to be the Christian dad, husband and person I know that deep down I am supposed to be.  Saying and acting the same way I know a particular grandfather would tell me to do if he were still here is tough.

One one hand I find myself letting mundane things just slip by, not worrying about them.  Saying they aren’t important.  Other people think they are, but I don’t.  Then I get upset about little things that shouldn’t probably receive any attention at all.  Call me weird or human.  Same thing.

But, I do believe that God and Jesus along with Christianity should be a bigger part of our home.  I’m striving towards that.  Hopefully one day, I can get to where I need to be or at least closer. I’m a work in progress.  Trying hard to do better and set a better example.  Here’s to achieving that goal!!

I love my wife and I love my kids!!!