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11149389_10206484541413569_9002192502757761777_nIn 1923 he was born.  The best way I can put it is to tell you to listen to “I Thought He Walked on Water”.  His wife called him Ernie.  So did his friends.  My youngest child & son is named in his honor and memory.  This was John Ernest Snow, Jr.  He was my Paw-Paw.  My mom’s father died when she was only 9.  Paw-Paw then came into their life.  Mom was a WWII baby.  This man became her daddy and also the same to my aunt.  He didn’t have to accept these girls as his own.  But, he did.  He was for me, my best friend.  My hero.  A Christian, a Godly-centered man that was bigger than life.  I lost him in 1997 when I was in college.  It has almost been 20 years since he passed.  He died 9 months after his own mother died.  My guess is that he was heartbroken.  Each year, around this time, I remember everything he did for me.  For my life and my soul.  I owe so much to him that I can never repay.  One day, I want to be 1/100th the man he was!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BUDDY!!