After much thought and careful consideration, I’ve decided who I am voting for.  Nobody.  NOT a soul.  Or anything.  For a long time and perhaps never again.  I cancelled my voter registration.  I am of the opinion you should NOT vote unless 1-you have a true vested interest, 2-you feel compelled to vote and 3-you know something about what the hell you are doing when you are voting.  And all this crap I see people saying or posting about you can’t talk smack about something/someone if you didn’t vote-hogwash.

Given where I live now, I have no interest.  I know NONE of the local candidates or state-level jackwagons/whackadoos.  I know from my interactions with any of them in the last 1.5 years, they all should either resign, be recalled or impeached that I’ve dealt with.  They are idiots.  They act like they still are dragging their knuckles on the floor in caves and throwing shit piles at one another.  I therefore do not feel compelled to vote.  And lastly, even though I do know and understand the political and public policy process, it is flawed.  Too flawed.

On a national level, I decided it was best to not be part of the circus and to keep my monkeys to myself.  The first election I voted in was in 1993 in a municipal election.  I’ve tried to maintain a good voting record.  I even put my name on a ballot a few times.  Not as a write-in candidate either, but a true candidate.  This year, it is ridiculous.  There isn’t a qualified soul in my opinion running for POTUS.  I had thought Clinton was.  Then I liked some of Bernie Sanders ideas.  Then, I decided, no way was I going to vote and publicly or privately ever admit I did so when this country burns to the ground.

I guess I am just becoming an old curmudgeon as I age.  I worked roughly 17 years in public service between city, state and federal employment.  In that time, if I had acted like any of these fools now, I would’ve been axed.  Canned.  Fired.  Sent packing.  Provided with a paper box and 20 minutes to pack my shit and go.  On October 7, 2011 I walked away from all of that.  Left a job to do what is important to me.  Take care of my kids.

It seems as if nobody cares about public service.  Used to be a time when some people did it because they truly believed in the cause.  Jimmy Carter.  Harry Truman.  Jim Hunt.  Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln.  Those were the “good ol’ days” and what America was built on.

The idiot who represents me in the PA House is clueless.  He got his job I am convinced because of the family name recognition.  His staff are just as ignorant it seems.  The District Attorney’s office here, pretty much the same thing.  I contacted both offices about clarification on a law.  One, a lawmaker and the other, the person who prosecutes people if they violate the law.  Neither office could tell me what constituted a violation of that law.  Um, HEL-FREAKIN-LO!!!!

The others who work at the county and city or township level where I am now, um, yeah, they should be prevented from entering the gene pool ever again to populate it.  Most of them, not all.  The township supervisors neglected their own nepotism policy and hired a family member.  The superintendent, he’s a whole different kind of nuts.  The principal of my daughter’s school, she has the smarts of a tree….a crooked tree, nothing but tap roots, but a tree nonetheless.

Elected officials and appointed officials are here to serve the people.  Not themselves, not special interests, not their own agenda.  Too many of them up here, as well as where I came from prior to here are too absorbed in their own ways and wants.  It used to be called pork barrel politics.  Forget that shit.  In my view, it’s now hog farming.  They want the whole damn pig farm.  It’s stupid the way some of them act.

I’m proud to say I’m not voting.  Some will say it is unpatriotic or un-American.  Probably.  But so is voting in and supporting the fools and idiots we have running the place now in many ways and offices and those who want those seats and are running for office now.

You know, I had great pride when I worked for the State of NC.  I also had tons of pride when I worked for the Social Security Administration.  Both jobs were nice and I got to see results of helping people.  I would go out of my way, do shit that I wasn’t supposed to do to help a customer.  I didn’t violate laws or policies.  I just took what was in place and extended it, legally to help them. I one time guaranteed a check for someone on SSI with my own bank account.  It was a federal check, so I wasn’t worried it was going to bounce.  I went into the projects to deliver SSI checks.  I wrote character statements for people and assisted them in filing appeals for benefits.  I sat with widows, who I knew their family personally, and helped them navigate the process of applying for benefits.  I spent hours before my appointed time and after my appointed time at these offices doing what is supposed to be done.  The right thing.  When working for the city where I lived, I would work 60-70 hours in a week.  The pay wasn’t jack, but I was helping people.

You have to do that as a public servant.  HELP people.  That is what these positions are there for.  To help and lead.  To serve.  Not to make policies and rules that benefit the fewest in number.  To that end, I am frustrated.  I am not disenfranchised as I haven’t been denied a vote.  I just realize, my voice doesn’t matter as I look around and think.  I realize that policies and programs as they continue to be gutted and changed are for smaller numbers and give less even to those smaller numbers.  I’ve just lost the energy to care about this stuff any longer.

What would or how would I explain it to my kids?  I would tell them that sometimes in life you just realize that what you are doing isn’t going to work.  Like trying to force someone into something they don’t want to do.  Or how screaming doesn’t make anybody want to listen any harder to anyone else.  I would tell them that for the most part, this nation isn’t what our founders envisioned.  That the Republican Party of Lincoln that some of these Republican clowns keep harping on, doesn’t exist.  That the Democratic Party of FDR is gone.  That our era of prosperity is on the outs in America and that unfortunately, I don’t know what their future will hold.  And that my friends is scary.