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I’ve simply had enough of politics and voting.  I now live in a place I don’t have a vested interest in honestly and could care less about local politics, state politics or anything like that.  Out of 300+ million Americans, my vote doesn’t matter.  And I’m cancelling my voter registration today.

I’ve had enough of the soundbites for these political hacks and cronies to look good.  Enough of tearing down humanity and each other on stage.  There’s an old Jewish guy running for POTUS who apparently said white people don’t know what hood life is like.  Say that to the white people who live in the hood or projects.

There’s the wife of a former POTUS.  She’s running because she can.  And the GOP is full of enough nuts, all the squirrels in the world would never have to dig for acorns again.  As well, government in and of itself is becoming a farce truly.  On all levels.  My state is almost through a fiscal year; with no budget.  The teachers in the local city are ready to strike.  The local city had to borrow $ to meet payroll.  My old state is full of a bunch of hate mongers.

I’m one of those who isn’t disenfranchised, but fed up.  Realizing that gerrymandering and racism is what or how elections are being run and won nowadays.  And government from the three branches on down is stupid.  Block a SCOTUS nominee?  Really?  Why?  Try over 100 times to repeal a law that was legally voted upon with the ACA?  People in jail 20, 30, 40 years for crimes they don’t commit?  Calling people for jury duty when you can’t even get the judicial system straight from the get-go?

These people are crazy.  Ludicrous even.  I would hate to think about how it is going to be for my kids.  Back to poll taxes and reading examinations?  A DNA swab?

It used to be a great thing in my mind to vote.  To show your kid the political process.  It isn’t like that any longer.  Ringling Bros has called…they want their 3 rings and monkeys back.  I feel sorry for my kids for what this nation is becoming.