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As a parent, our job is to give of ourselves, as much as we can, as best as we can.  Not wanting to play the “ooh, woe is me card” unless you are dying or terminally ill.  Recently I’ve seen a friend of mine who has had problems with their parents.  Both.  And they both are like woe is me.  You never call or talk to me.  Well, if you had half an ass to care about other shit in my life over say the last 25 years other than to tell me how I should live my life like yours, I might care.  It is crazy to think there are parents today who want their kid to live the life they had.

You should always want better, in some aspect, for your kids than you.  It might be religion, faith, career, financial, hope, health, family….something.  You should always want better.

Not wanting to bring your child down should be paramount.  And not making a spectacle of it on Facebook or Tumblr or Instagram or whatever other social media platform should be job #1.

But some people cannot do anything without a damn guilt trip.  I hope when I get older I don’t guilt trip my kids into shit.  And if I do, please put me in a wheelchair, at the top of a hill in San Francisco and let the brake off…then give a little nudge.  a3f82ef62aba1a749c02320bc24c0cf1