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Depending on what you are talking about, a dozen is NOT that many.  Pennies-nope.  Donuts-depends on how many you are feeding and how hungry.  A great old movie with Dirty in the title too-that is great.  A baker’s dozen, you know that extra whatever, can be awesome!  A dozen eggs, great but you need more for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Pairs of jeans-too many.

Years is and isn’t a lot.  It has been 12 years since we brought our daughter into this world, or rather, God brought her to us.  I remember becoming a daddy for the first time.  The joy.  The excitement.  The love of having two insurances to cover the birth…..loved writing a check for $75 and the rest was PAID!

But seriously, 12 years is an eternity and at the same time, not long at all.  An eternity to think about all of what has transpired in those 12 years.  School, sports, friends, firsts for her like that first basket, her first dance this year in school, our first dog that she got to help pick, her first snuggly/stuff animal-Tabby-still resides with us.  I can remember the first day bringing her home.  I can remember finding out we were going to have her.  Calls made, house visits to tell people, etc.  I would’ve bought air time on the local CBS affiliate back then if I could’ve afforded it.

I remember the first few days at home.  Her first poop at home.  She woke both of us screaming.  I had never run that fast before in my life.  I remember her shots, her many ear infections and tube surgeries.  I remember her first t-ball game.  First solid foods.  First trip to the beach.

Now, 12 years later, I am sitting here wondering what the next 6.5 years will hold before she graduates high school and hopefully heads off to do what she wants to do.  I am tearing up now as I write this.  Hoping in my mind for lots of things.  For some illnesses to work themselves out so that the future is good.  Hoping that assimilation comes easier to her as she gets older.  Hoping that she finds a love, a deep and true-rooted love for something in life and she grabs onto it.

Twelve years has brought us laughter, tears, crying, bawling, kidding and playing.  It has brought broken mirrors, use of her momma’s make-up, cutting her hair, biting herself and others, falling off of a bike, and loving a scooter.  Walking her Bojo the Beagle, planting a garden and having to make changes in life and adapt.  Watching and seeing things no child should, in person and out in public, and catching a glimpse of what the real world is like when she learns it isn’t all full of rainbows, kittens and happy times.

The time we took her to Disney World, only to have her last longer than we could, well into the night.  The first time I tried to get her to fish.  When I did let go of the bicycle seat, no training wheels and she took off….and hasn’t stopped since.