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This last week we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  When I think over that phrase, I envision all the things we have seen and done together and the places we have been.  There aren’t a ton of places but we’ve had fun.

We’ve been to DC, Disney, Gatlinburg, the Gulf, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Chesapeake Bay, VA Beach, Richmond, Williamsburg, and the list goes on.  We’ve been through hell and back too.  Married and re-married.  We choose to celebrate our wedding anniversary in August when we were first married and not November when we got re-married and reconciled.

I am extremely lucky, if not the luckiest man in the world.  She took me back.  I owe her so much in life in so many ways that I could never repay.  I love my wife and she means the world to me.  As I get older, I am having more fun with her than I thought.  Last night for instance she started dancing with me in the kitchen again.

That little act made my day.  Hell, my week and it was only Monday!  In other words I am doubting anything will top that this week.  The summer is a time I look forward to because it reminds me of the planning of the wedding, running around to get things done, and getting married.  Then we went to Busch Gardens on our honeymoon.  Not exquisite, but fun for us nonetheless. We were supposed to get into Williamsburg but that was a bust.  A screw up.  But it worked out eventually.

Perhaps though the best memory I have from my wedding isn’t the first dance, cutting the cake or even the ceremony.  It is after we packed up our stuff from our hotel the night after we got married and had to stop at Exxon to get gas. She asked if she could pay.  Sure, run in and pay.  That was less for me.  Little did I know until later the reason.  To sign her name as Mrs. Michael Slawter.  I will ALWAYS remember that.