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Growing up I can remember lots of both good and bad times.  The bad times came from mom’s illness with cancer and how I watched it eat her life away and take it away.  Daily.  As a dad now, I hope and pray I never have to deal with that either on myself or with any of my kids and certainly not my wife.

But, on today, mom’s birthday I remember some special times.  Disney World as a kid, Mount Vernon, Ocean Isle Beach every summer and more.  My house was a place every kid in the neighborhood could come.  They were all welcome.  She didn’t let her sickness stop that.  She would open the door, roll out the mat and let them all come in.  And with a Southern born momma, there was always something to eat in the frig.  Or the counters, cupboards, jars, etc.  Whether it be homemade candy or cookies or the like.  She could tell Betty Crocker and Julia Child to kiss her ass.  And they would.

There were some times, like Disney, that we were lucky enough to be allowed to go with my father to his company’s sales meetings.  Another place was to Panama City Beach.  Mount Vernon was a trip where my mom was a chaperone for our church youth group.  I got to go on that too since all my siblings were in the youth group.  Then, each and I mean each and every fall we made a pilgrimage to the mountains.  To the old Mabry Mill, we hit Tweetsie, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Mast General Store and Valle Crucis, Boone, and Beech Mountain.  The summer meant Ocean Isle Beach.  We started with just a week.  Then later in life it was extended to 2 weeks.  That was a blast!!!

I can remember these more I think because she was happy in these places.  At home.  I think she felt that when she died that Heaven was going to be full of beaches and mountains.  You know my wife and I discussed whether or not the other day Heaven is the same for everyone or if everyone has a different Heaven.  Truth is I don’t know.  I think we’d have a big one and then perhaps little hood’s if you will that contains our happiness and memories.

All I know is that I am a believer that in the end we are all reunited.  The one’s we lost and some who were in our family we never got to meet in the first place.  Like my mom’s dad who died when she was 9.  I’m just trying to think of those great things and hope I am here on this planet for many decades or even another half-century to see my kids all grow up and see my grandkids.

I want my kids to have good times and less bad times. More fun like my mom and I did.  There is so much in life to enjoy and learn about.


Mom and me at Mt Vernon