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So, half of 6th grade is over.  18 weeks ended last week.  Yesterday school was closed for marking of grades.  And as of today she has straight A’s for the second 9 weeks.  Besides chorus, her highest mark is in science.  Until about 10 days ago it was a 99.  Then she had one wacky quiz where she spaced out and she ended up the quarter with a 97%.  HA.

She definitely gets her smarts from her mother more than me.  I’m good at this level of math.  I will bow out of math help when she gets to geometry and trig.  I always did well at basic math, fractions, decimals, algebra, etc.  It is when you get to the other upper math that I flail.

Science I did fair to good in.  Social studies, great.  Choir great.  Art I sucked in.  Language arts I did well in.  Just high level math and chemistry did not agree with me.  Thus why I think I didn’t ever try to go to medical school or anything like that.  If I could not master chemistry I didn’t need to be trying to be a doctor.

But, the point is that I cannot believe 1-she is blowing away these grades.  2-she is halfway done with the first year of middle school.  Summer break is 4.5 months away.  Then she will be in summer camp.  As a junior counselor.  UGH.  I realize too that I’ve got 1.5 years left until the middle one starts school.  NOT READY FOR THAT!!!!

But at this point, I am so proud of how far my oldest has come.  At the potential she holds and the intelligence she has harnessed in that brain of hers.  I couldn’t be prouder.