You never know what life is or might throw at you.  Curveballs, fastballs, or direct bonks on the head are generally in the form of life changes.  Each time you get good news, it seems there is something else that takes you two steps back.

Yesterday am I awoke and started my day.  I got an early email from the camp my daughter found last summer that she had been approved to become a counselor in training starting this summer.  WOW.  EXCELLENT!  IT is a Christian camp and she loves it. From what I’ve seen and experienced at the place, it is cool.  Rustic, but cool.

Then we are still playing the flipping waiting game with my wife’s health.  Up, down, no answers, stupid doctors-yes, stupid like I think got the medical license out of a Cracker Jack box that was on blue light special in the clearance section of a Kmart that is going out of business stupid.  Christ, help my wife.  She got results to a multi-thousand dollar test.  Basically nada.  Zilch.  Thanks for stopping by to look, kinda like you do the drive-by at yard sales?  Shit.  What are they thinking?

First, the order for the test was NOT what she had agreed upon.  The test orders weren’t given correctly.  Second, they were going to mail in a letter the results.  Stupid much?  Come on folks, I realize this isn’t your life, but really?  Hippocrates said to do no harm.  What the hell are you doing?  DURH!

I am beyond ill but I cannot unload on them how I feel.  It isn’t right and not sensible, so I just write it here and vent it to my wife.  Sometimes in not nice terms.  UGH!  I realize that there is NO exact science.  But folks, we aren’t the doc featured in Gunsmoke working on Festus or Matt after they got shot.

So, with the good yesterday came the bad.  And now, we get another day to start all over again.  Trying to make the best of it doesn’t work sometimes.  Perhaps it will get better, sooner rather than later.  Great-Life-Quotes-To-Live-By