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: a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy

: a person who works for a cause or group

: a person who argues for the cause of another person in a court of law

That is me.  And I am that way for things I truly and deeply care about.  AKA my spouse and my kids.  I recently found that female teachers can be douche bags too.  Not just the guys.

For any of you who read this on a normal basis, or even semi-normal or hell, have caught the stuff about my oldest, she has some behavioral issues.  Along with that are other mental health issues.  In this comes issues at school.  Most recently this week.

Let me back up.  Last week, the first quarter of middle school ended.  She, in her normal and customary self got straight A’s.  All A’s, one A-.  Not too shabby.  We live in a place whereby we can log into the school system records for our own kid at any time.  So, I checked it last night to verify her grades for first quarter and see if there was anything new.  And sure enough, there were two new grades.

They were zeros.  Certainly this was entered wrong.  They missed the first number.  Guaranteed they didn’t miss two numbers; but there should have been another one.  Nope.  Not according to the PE teacher, who let me tell you, is an absolute idiot.  She is a moron.  I’m not sure where the district picked this maroon (as the 3 Stooges would say) up, but they need to send her back.

The grades were correct. According to her, my kid either (a)-didn’t turn in a sheet or (b)-it was the only one with no name.  Well dipshit, if there was only one with no name, and she is the only one without a sheet, um…..HELLO Bellevue, you have a missing patient.

This lady has been after my kid since week 2 or 3.  She is the ONLY teacher who has called me about behavioral issues, or even emailed.  I’ve spoken to all of the other teachers, and none of them have this issue.  Math-one time.  Social Studies-nada.  Science-the teacher loves her.  Language arts-2 issues all quarter.  Home Ec-nada.  The only classes where my child truly has issues with a teacher is this one and chorus.

They met with her “core” teachers, trying to figure out if/what they issue might be.  The core teachers told them both, “your classes have no structure and as such the kids run free, like wild animals”.  So, their great idea?  Let’s give her a behavior contract, whereby each day my kid gets a “grade” on her behavior.  When she mentioned this two months ago, I laughed at her and told her it was not going to work.

She didn’t listen.  So basically she’s been after her.  I’ve read the report sheets.  I’ve seen the documents.  It’s bullshit.  Clear and simple, BULL.SHIT.  Example-she found my kid’s gym clothes.  Took them, made her check clothes out for gym, then marked her off for it and then gave her clothes back to her.  WTH?

So, this week has started off badly in the PE class.  But basically, I think I don’t have the patience for her-the teacher-and her shit any longer.  Bitch messed with a polar bear.  Not wise…not wise at all.  I will admit and have done so to many teachers, counselors, therapists, doctors, etc. when my kid does something wrong.  In this instance, she forgot her name.  Really?  And you know it would be different if the teacher didn’t know.  But she did.  And that is what has pissed me off.  I get trying to teach someone a lesson.  But it would appear as if this lesson is ongoing and has turned into a vendetta.

Bad choice.  VERY BAD.

papa bear