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Anti-climactic might be more appropriate.  That is how the basketball season ended last night.  We won.  We finished 16-3, tied for first place in the league.  Not bad.  One loss to a league foe and the only two losses were in tournaments.

This year I watched my “little” girl play more like it was rugby than basketball.  She sent two off the court in tears.  Sent another to the ER for stitches.  Scored about 25 points on the season as a whole.  Rebounded about 65 times.  Stole the ball at least 75 times and caused tie-ups for jump balls over 100.  And no, that is NOT an exaggeration.

She would dive for balls, jump for them, lift opponents off the floor when she caused tie-ups.  It didn’t bother her to do that.  She got hurt one time this season.  She fell face down and bumped her forehead on a court.  A headache but that was about all.  She is starting her next season next week.  There are only 6 teams in that league, so probably 10 games.  That is sad.  I really truly wish there was more to the upcoming season.  It is rec ball.

However, in between she get’s to go to her first dance.  It is a middle school dance.  And guess what….I’m a chaperone.  Uh huh, yeah, big dad will be there.  Not sure if I am doing security, serving punch, watching doors, using measuring sticks to make sure the kids stay a foot apart from one another or what.  But, I know that I will be there.

I realize it is middle school.  I think she is nervous about me being there.  But, I won’t spy on her.  I won’t stand over her shoulder.  But I will be dad, just in case some boy makes her cry.  She is growing up and damn, I cannot stop it.


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