I fell asleep in my Lazy Boy last night.  I woke up somewhere around 2-3 am.  Then I made my way to my bed.  Not long after, at least it seemed, I was awoken by my wife.  We were out of diapers! UGH!!!

I started to make snack later on for the kids….um, yea, so no Goldfish, no string cheese.  I am failing.  Then I get a phone call later about something else related to my kids, and because of a lack of information given to us, well, that’s screwed too.

Flash forward to lunch.  Go to make their favorite-PBJ or a fluffer-nutter.  Bread expired 3 days ago.  No, they didn’t eat sandwiches the last two days.  Ok, forgetting about the cheese, back to fridge.  No string cheese.  Ahhh, thankful for 3lbs of block cheese I had….don’t ask.

So, lunch was solved.  Then later on more drama as my middle had figured out how to disassemble a Leap Frog toy.  It was now trash.  That is after they beat the snuff out of each other-figuratively-for one thing or another.  Then, silence.  They crash.  However, further dilemmas have made the last 24 hours one I wish could have been written in dry erase marker.

Want to turn off the phone, lock the door and stick my head in the sand.  But, alas, I must trudge on.

I love my wife and I love my kids!!!Schultz