Each is entitled to their own opinion….here is mine on a situation: Gun control/ownership. Gun’s do NOT kill people. They just don’t. No more than pizza does, nor taking a shower or watching television. Things like cancer kills people. HIV kills people. A gun sitting still doesn’t kill a person. NOT one. A gun in the hands of an individual doesn’t. By goodness, if guns kill people and you think no person should have a gun, take them from the police too.

Individuals who are incompetent, ill-trained, ignorant of the operation of a gun, deranged, mentally ill, pissed off, hate the world, have some kind of issue and are in possession of a gun kill others. Each senseless gun tragedy, shooting, or massacre sheds light on a problem we have. Gun control. We need to better control the purchase, sale, distribution, manufacture and ownership of guns. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons alike.

I own weapons for self and home defense, hunting and sport, and target shooting. Would I take another life. If that person was threatening me, my wife or my kids, certainly. Stupid people like the one who killed the 4-year-old little girl in the road rage incident, the nut in Colorado, the nut in Oregon, the shooting in Texas, the massacre at Virginia Tech, Columbine, the elementary school in CT-those are preventable incidents and something indeed must be done to stop them.

We don’t need to ban all guns. We don’t need to ban any guns as long as they are for legitimate purposes, in the proper hands of trained persons and stored in a manner as to not endanger the lives of children or others. Taking guns or banning guns will do the same thing that banning liquor did during prohibition. Create chaos, make the mob and black market dealers stronger and simply put fear in the hearts of people everywhere.

You make the case the guns kill thousands a year. So do cigarettes, cars, alcohol, home accidents and drugs. I don’t see you talking about taking away keys to cars, closing bars, shuttering Jack Daniels or Coors, not allowing people to live in their own homes or stopping people from taking meds. Fight for real control and achievable things. Create a better system of checks and balances. But for pete’s sake, quit yammering about taking guns or stopping the sale of guns each time a poor soul is killed. If you are a Christian, and have a true belief, then you know it is all in God’s plan. There is a reason a person was killed or dies-whether at the hands of a gun accident or because they got  hit by a car, contracted pneumonia, came down with tuberculosis, have leukemia or whatever.  Other believers of other faiths, I don’t know what you think or believe.

Overhaul our judiciary, our courts, our mental health system; give the police more tools, do a better job at keeping a database of owners, etc. The 2nd Amendment is not a guarantee….nothing is absolute as far as our rights. We’ve got to remember that. As a former President said, there is no legitimate reason to have an assault weapon for hunting or home protection. I agree. However, there is nothing wrong with having it to collect or for sport like target shooting.

Just remember that a weapon can be dangerous.  So can people.  So can a dog.  People die by lightning strikes annually.  Mud slides, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.  A guy was killed the other night in my city when the trash truck he was a part of the team on crushed him in between the truck and a light pole.  He’d had the job two weeks.

Tragedies happen.  I pray that nothing ever happens to a soul in my family.  But we cannot be scared of everything.  I am petrified of airplanes, heights and boats.  But I do all 3.  Point being-lay the blame where it is responsible.  Don’t throw it around like a frisbee.  As a dad, I want my kids to all learn the proper way to handle a firearm.  How to use it, clean it, store it, assemble and disassemble it if necessary.  How to hunt if they desire, how to shoot a target and how to protect themselves if necessary.  What I don’t want is for them to be scared of them.

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