I wrote the following today on Facebook as it related to the story that 4 NC Magistrates in McDowell County, NC refuse to perform same-sex marriages:

Saw this from my friend Buck, and all I have to wonder is, back in North Carolina, what the hell are y’all doing? Let’s drop teacher pay to the lowest in the nation, let’s have a budget stalemate two months into the fiscal year, let’s allow people to discriminate because of your “religious” beliefs-knowing good and damn well that on Saturday night these magistrates are drunk off their ass or cheating on their spouses or some other biblical sin and asking for forgiveness in church on Sunday morning, let’s get rid of teaching assistants, let’s not give the TENS of thousands of State Employee’s a raise again instead opting for more vacation, let’s make sure companies don’t want to come to NC to do business….Gee, I cannot fathom for the life of me why people look at the South-where I was born and raised-and shake their heads wondering what the hell we are doing? The God and Jesus I was raised to know loves everyone-whether or not you choose to marry another man or a woman or vice-versa. Funny how these people who refuse to do this forget other things in the Bible…do not divorce, don’t work on the Sabbath, don’t covet thy neighbor……

All around we keep seeing people who are against same-sex marriage on one side while the other side is all for it, even with certain religious denominations now allowing homosexual people in the pulpit.  What are people afraid of who are against it?  Worry about stuff that matters and really has something to do with the future of life for our kids like terror, education, vaccinations, acceptance.  What are we teaching our kids when we do what we are doing whether it be with gay marriage or heterosexual marriage?  You tell them it’s not ok to marry someone of the same gender because it says not to in the Bible.  It also says not to get divorced.  It also says a pig is a nasty animal and should not be eaten, that at times we should sacrifice family on an altar, we should kill our own blood over certain things that God says is wrong.  If that were the case and we did it, there’d be no family reunion to have chicken or fish because you couldn’t eat the BBQ any longer.

Think about this.  Do you want someone telling you that you cannot work somewhere because you are heterosexual or you cannot eat there?  Or perhaps they don’t want you in their store or having your children play with their kids because of what they may try to teach them about being “straight”.  Get a grip parents.  Now.  We are failing our kids all the time, everyday by this crap, by lowering our educational standards, by allowing tax dollars to be used for private schooling for elementary kids.  Wake up!!  We are losing out on life and all the things it could be because we are sooo damn busy finding every thing in the world WE think is wrong.  Just remember, as you are pointing a finger at the gay couple who wants to marry, four fingers are pointed back at you.