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Anybody else have those kids with a love-hate relationship?  Sibling love I have come to learn is just as odd as adult love, if not more so.  Watching a 2 and 3 year old is comical.  Some days it is sad.  They fuss at each other.

Each one must play with the same toy the other has.  Each one wants the same pillow, blankie, cup, bowl, etc.  I make sure 99% of the time to feed the same snack, to give the same exact amount of food, etc.  I got busted one day.  Son had one blueberry more than daughter!  OH THE DRAMA!

But, they love one another.  That is the important thing.  And they stand up for one another.  Against me or momma or big sister or the dog.  You know the verse in the Bible, no one comes to the Father but through me??  Yeah, try nobody comes to the sibling but through the other sibling.  I’m serious.

They will fight over the most mundane things though.  Often it surrounds Mega Bloks.  Who has which piece, which color, etc.  They want to build houses and towers.  They seem to also want to destroy their siblings tower/house!

The one area they stay pretty clear from fighting over is their own snuggly animals.  Those are the ones with limits.  They fight over which Disney movie to watch, which show to watch on PBS, whether they watch a Daniel Tiger with baby Margaret or not.

But, they love each other.  They hold hands to say blessings at meals and snack.  They fall asleep some nights holding hands.  Katie gets mad some days when Jeb isn’t in the mood to dance.  That’s because she wants to play wedding!  He’s more the bachelor at this stage.