We have a mutt named Emmy.  She has been with us 2.5 years.  About half her life thus far.  We got her a month before Katie turned 1.  So, basically Emmy is all Katie has known as far as pets and dogs.  It is all Jeb has known.

You know how people joke about how they’d cut you for this or that?  Emmy will eat you if you get near her “children”, most of the time.  Other times she’d rather eat them as they don’t know how to behave and can torment her.  She is truly protective of them, Abby and both of us.  She will bark at things none of us can even hear and well before most of us see them, she knows they are around.

One of her “things”, I don’t want to call them quirks, is that she will chase down and eat a fly, horse fly or bee/wasp/hornet.  She could care very little about any perceived danger to herself.  So it doesn’t matter to her that the insect could perhaps sting her and leave a lasting impression or worse.  She loves to chase flies though.  Every once in a while one will inevitably get into the house.  She will pounce on that sucker or jump into the air like she is trying to catch a frisbee in order to kill it.

99% of the time, Emmy wins.  The fly or other insect will meet their doom.  It’s almost like watching a frog sitting there as an insect buzzes noisily around above. Then with lightning precision, slurp, it’s gone!!  Dead.  And being broken down by acids and enzymes in her tummy.

Below is a picture taken last week of her.  I stole this from my wife’s post (https://justbcauz.wordpress.com/).