A while back we began to notice that our youngest was running around with MegaBlocks saying things that were inaudible.  And of course, each time we tried to decipher it, it only made it worse.  He’s coming along with his speech, so in short order we were able to figure it out.

Bang and sword.  Yes, bang as in gun and sword.  Except sword is pronounced like most two year old little boys or girls.  SWAYRD.  It sounds cute.  All but the violence factor.  I began to frantically think to myself, as did my wife, are little boys born this way?   He isn’t awake when we watch NCIS or CSI or Law & Order.  He hasn’t seen any movies where this stuff is from.  We were convinced he was hard-wired this way.

This kept going on, we kept telling him “no”.  We don’t say/do that.  No bang, no sword.  Kinda like, we don’t hit or swing at the dog.  The dog will take care of herself.  However, he’s done the whole sword/bang thing a couple of times and the dog looked liked, ha, ok.

About a month or so ago, it finally hit us.  In the middle of the afternoon while listening to them watch a certain network on TV that involves a Mouse that has a dog named after a planet, I heard hit.  Along with “Yo Ho Mateys Away”…Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Captain Hook has a sword…the Jolly Roger has a cannon that goes boom.

An animated show had provided this for our son.  Never in a million years would we have thought that.  Doc McStuffins doesn’t have this stuff.  Sophia the First doesn’t, nor does Chuggington or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  But that dreaded Captain Hook!

ARGH MATEY!!!!  With a little bit of Pixie Dust, I’m hoping that the problem will vanish!!$T2eC16hHJHUFFf9eWRGtBSI8UFjOFQ--60_35