These aren’t in any order at all.  Just things I have recently thought about for my kids.

For my oldest:

Happiness, a loving husband, a great college education, a stable career doing what you love and loving what you do-whatever it is, many more seasons of basketball if that is what you want, a closer walk with Jesus for you, more friends and a better view of yourself, a good relationship with your mom, an epiphany  that books are really great things in life and not just a way for us parents to get you out of our hair.

Middle girl:

That you will learn to go potty all the time on the big girl potty, that you will sleep every night-through the night-in your own bed, that you will sleep past 6 a.m., that you will develop a love of learning and a desire to do more in terms of learning, that you will learn to love more in life to eat than chicken nuggets-spaghetti-pizza and mac and cheese, that you will continue loving your siblings more than life itself.

For my baby boy:

That you will learn soon to live without a pacifier, that your desire to eat vegetables increases, that you will learn to pee as much as you can BEFORE going to sleep at night as daddy is pretty tired of washing sheets almost, that you can learn soon to have a desire to color and paint, that you will be a MUCH better man/daddy/husband than I am now, that you will always love your sisters.

Again, these are just things that have been on my mind lately, with regards to each of my kids.  I’m reminded how short life is looking back at pictures from when our oldest started kindergarten and now, knowing she is about to hit junior high/middle school.  And in 7 years she will be headed to college potentially.