This past weekend was July 4th weekend.  Which means there was lots to do.  And lots that I didn’t get a chance to do.  As I type there are still items which I haven’t unpacked or put away since June 29, 2014.  I just don’t feel an urgency to do it.  1-because I don’t know where to put some of it, 2-I don’t want to do it and 3-some of it sucks to look at.

For the 4th, my wife was lucky enough to be off from work on the 3rd.  First I took the kiddos to Dairy Queen as a surprise lunch.  Our middle child loves the idea of sitting in a restaurant to eat.  BEWARE future suitors….she takes a long time to eat and can be costly.  Then we had their ice cream.

So, then we ventured to our local zoo.  It isn’t huge.  And by no means is it as big as the zoo back home in NC was.  Our zoo is nestled in town.  Can’t do much with a zoo in town like that. My dog has a bigger yard to roam in than the rhinos at our zoo.  Give you an idea?  The kids love that place and truth be told, I do as well.

Then on Saturday I took the kids to the local parade while momma stayed home and studied.  The parade lasted 3 hours or so.  That was a long morning!  From there I fed the kids because they were starving.  You know, because snack and all that candy at the parade just went straight through their systems.  Saturday night culminated the holiday with fireworks and dinner.

All the way around I think it was great.  Again, too short, but fun nonetheless.IMG_0904 IMG_0957 IMG_0973

IMG_0820 IMG_0849 IMG_0850