So, the oldest is at camp this week. The first of what will be 5 total weeks of camp, 3 weeks of which are overnight residential camps. This week she is at a Christian camp in another state. I drove her and dropped her off. 

Yes, literally that’s how it went. I dropped her off with her luggage, parked the Jeep and came back to check her in. I checked her in and walked her to her cabin. This was home for the next 6 days. Air conditioning and windows. When I was a counselor, we had screens, no AC and shotty doors. Our cabins were 75+ years old. And we had raccoons at night as visitors. 

I lugged her back to the porch, she said bye. Uh, no, I’m at least coming in. I came in and it was mid 60-degrees. My child is gonna freeze. What have I done? We put her stuff down and I met the counselors. Nice enough I guess. 

Then again it was bye. Huh? I get it. Girl time. New friends, new camp, new experiences. I hugged her, kissed her head, said I love you, have fun and be safe and left. 

In and out in 25 minutes. I hope that other things in life with her and me won’t be brief like this. I know this, she pulls this at college, I will cancel the tuition check. I checked the camp website for pictures and this is what I got. Growing up too fast.