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A year ago my house was 75% packed. We didn’t know where we were going. Either to KS or PA. We landed in PA. In a year we’ve seen and experienced what I think is a lot, however, there is so much yet to do. 

The oldest turned 11 here and will be in middle school in 3 months. The youngest hit 2 and our middle child turned 3. I don’t think the dog has as of yet gotten acclimated.  Snow just isn’t her thing. The wife is doing great, having been promoted as well.  I had one surgery and surgery #2 is in two weeks. Each of us seem to be going pretty much full steam ahead all the time. 

Me.  Well I’m the daddy. I hang out, get gruff and mean when need be and am the enforcer. But I still fall way short of what needs to be done. In many areas. Hard as I try, I still fall short. I want the whole family to take a vacation, but that’s not in the plans anytime soon. 

The oldest ends school in 6 days. Tomorrow she and her classmates head to Pittsburgh. A final hurrah if you will. For all the hell and grief she gives me, I’m still over the moon with her intelligence and how well she’s done this year. We went to breakfast this morning at 5:45 to celebrate the end of the year. Her attitude and conduct is her major issues. 

In three weeks she takes off for the first of 7 weeks of being gone over the summer. Two weeks she will be gone all day. The rest of the time, out of state. I know she’s excited. I’m excited for her.  I will miss her. But, I get reminded of how a mother eagle has to let her babies get out of the nest and explore on their own eventually. I’m just not sure I’m ready for the wings to open up and she take flight.