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I never really understood or had the wherewithal to think as a child about the cost of a family and related expenses.  By the time I was Abby’s age, our oldest, all 3 siblings were out of the house for me.  Now, I have 3 kids, ages 10 and under in my home.  All 3 are eating solid foods.  And by solid, my youngest, Jeb, eats as a carnivore back in the prehistoric era when T-Rex roamed the earth.  IF it is NOT nailed down, is of some taste or interest, he will eat it.

I went to the grocery store this week.  I also hit the super center and a local market where I like to buy my meats. At this last store, I spent nearly $100 on various cuts of meats for the family.  At the grocer the other night, I spent a considerable amount and then again tonight at the super center I spent over $100.  We spend more money each month running the house as in feeding the kids, diapers, wipes, toiletries, etc. than I think some small villages in the far eastern side of Russia do as a whole.

The two little ones are still in diapers and don’t appear to be wanting to change that, no matter what I or anyone else does.  So that is another added expense each month.  If we purchased all prescriptions each month, that would be over $200.  Then, there are ANY extracurricular things Abby does.  Basketball, or anything like that.  However, right now she is focusing it all on basketball and painting.

I about lost my mind the other night at the grocer when the fruit I had been paying $XX for had gone up $.50-cents since Christmas.  Yes, I noticed.  Milk costs are down, meat costs are up.  So, the cow can give me part of her cheaper than MANY parts chopped up and ground up?  Ok.

Then there are quantities involved too.  No longer is it the day of one can of veggies can do at dinner.  Two cans are a must.   We joked last week that soon we are going to have to get 3 pizzas for take out from Little Caesars or somewhere like that.  Two just barely gets us there.  The kids alone tackle a whole pizza.  The toddlers will eat two pieces.  Mind you, they are NOT fat or overweight at all.  As a matter of fact, all 3 kids are normal or low weight for their age, etc.

They can also eat two packs of oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  I buy 3 gallons of milk a week.  That is $50 a month on that mess.  I could buy a cow for cheaper.  I think that what is happening with grocery prices and supplies is outrageous.  Have you priced paper towels or toilet paper lately?  Don’t….it will scare the shit out of you; literally.

God help us if we ever have another kid.  We’d have to start a gofundme.com webpage.  I just find it odd how much some things cost.  A loaf of bread can range from $.79 up to over $4 and that is at a super center.  Butter-dear God.  A pound of butter is almost $5 for Land O Lakes.  A pound of ground beef is anywhere from $5-$7.  Oreos are $3 a bag at the super center.  Peanut butter, name brand like Skippy or JIF, is $4 a jar.

I keep seeing these corporations make billions more.  Yet, we continue to get needled and shit on when it comes to the costs of things.  When will it stop?


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