Winter.  Oh how I longed for thee when living in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC.  Now, I live in Erie, PA.  Going into the weekend, we held the distinction of being the location in the lower 48 states of the United States with the most snow as measured by the National Weather Service.

Over the weekend of last, when the Super Bowl occurred, we had another snow storm come through.  It left us with over 15″ of snow.  This was on top of what we’ve had thus far this year.  The pic with the blog this time shows Abby, my oldest who is 5′ tall with her shoes on, standing beside the snow that is to the sides of our driveway.

It comes up to almost half-way on Abby.  That is 30″.  It is INSANE!!!  I wished for winter.  I’ve always wanted snow.  As a kid, I didn’t get that.  I wanted my kids to have it.  Well, they’ve got it.  This year has been a learning curve of what we needed, didn’t need truly, missed out on, etc.

However, I’m about through with the snow.  I bought a plow for my tractor.  They left out parts.  Then I had to order the parts. That was after having waited 1.5 months to get it from Sears.  But, hey, I’ve got a plow now.  On my tractor.  Small problem, I cannot get the tractor out now because I need to go back and put the chains on the tractor.  Yep, I’m about through.

Abby on the drive

Abby on the drive