I for one never have enough time. There is always something else to do besides what I WANT to do. Yes, I chose to stay home as a parent. Yes, I choose at times to stay with my family when my wife gives me the chance to go away. Why? Because then I get at least a little bit of time with my wife. Hell, we never get time alone either. And that is depressing enough.

But honestly, there are days when I’m feeling at the end of my rope. The END. Today is one of those days. A three year old that gets prodded to do things by her 10 yr old sister pisses me off. Two toddlers fighting over Christmas toys constantly pisses me off. I’ve got piles of shit in my bedroom that I need to do, a mower/tractor attachment that needs to be taken off and one put on, a basement I need to finish, a spot in the yard I need to fix. NOT.ENOUGH.TIME.

I hope that someday I can remedy this.

I love my wife and I love my kids! Here’s a thought to ponder: