I’ve never been an early riser.  NEV-UR!  So, needless to say when I can sneak in a little extra sleep in the am, I love it.  I love it when my wife will try very hard to let me do this.  I cannot say enough good things about my wife in this area.  She has taken the kids out on Sat mornings to the mall or to play or somewhere.  On Sundays when I don’t feel well she will pack em’ up and haul them off to services.

My tween has NOT realized that early mornings are a quiet time.  She for some odd reason doesn’t believe in this.  And she is a fervent believer in making yourself as loud as possible to be heard and understood.  Um, yeah, that isn’t how to do it sista!  Being louder doesn’t mean people listen any more or better to you.  Trust me, I’ve been married over 15 years and it don’t work that way.

So, needless to say today was one of those days.  The 1.5 year old has a fever/virus crap, the almost-3 year old just got over hers.  The tween has been shaking a head cold for 10-12 days, mine had gone away this week for 3 days and then came back.  Needless to say, I needed sleep.

However, my tween didn’t see it that way. At all.  Why, I don’t know.  She just didn’t.  But in the same breath I should mention that rarely do I ever get up prior to my wife; as in I think the last time was 2008.  So, she is in need of and deserving of a nap or a day to sleep in that she so readily affords me.

I love her for that!  That is just one of the many reasons I do.  Note: tween daughter of mine, keep it quiet pippy!  Don’t be loud, or obnoxious.  Thank you.

I love my wife and I love my kids.IMG_2009