Last year in our old city, Abby had her first taste of organized basketball through Upward which is supposed to be a Christian organization. Let’s just say it seemed a bit more like Satan was involved more than he should’ve been.

The coach played a single year of college ball. Back in the 70’s. She’s coached many girls teams. Let’s just say, we won 1 game last year. One. The refs for the most part were horrific. Do you see where I’m going by saying that it was NOT the best atmosphere or experience?

Fast forward one year. She’s playing on two different teams. One recreational league that starts in December. The other team was through her school. Her team this time went 11-1 and won the championship.

Abby grew so much on this team. Learning and paying attention. Listening to the coaches and what they said to do. She played as part of a team with that team mentality versus the “me only” mentality. Her skill level increased too.

Sometimes I believe God puts a trial and tribulation before us so that we can work towards a new thing with its just and due rewards!