Well, it’s now the second week of July and we are almost settled into our new home.  Some almost-700 miles from where we were is now home.  My wife got an awesome job offer that she couldn’t turn down.  And with the help of some very old and dear friends, you know who you are, we are settled.  At first we were set to move to the midwest and then as fate would have it, we have been turned to the northeast.  I never, I mean NEVER thought I would be living anywhere north of Richmond.  Ha, what did I know?

As the plan was for us to be in the midwest, I had already packed 95% of all the stuff in the house into boxes from UHaul.  Let me say, I have had my share of tape mishaps and been cut by the tape gun enough to last a lifetime now.  When the movers showed up, I think they were surprised to see that they had almost all of their job done.  And in all honesty, I didn’t mind it.  I was able to know with pretty good certainty where I had put and packed everything.  There have been about 4 boxes or so that I couldn’t remember or forgot what all was in them.  But all in all, I am happy with the packing.

When they delivered the stuff, I was here at the house with the three kids.  Ok, imagine trying to corral screaming and whining cats.  Nope, it can’t be done.  But, kudos to our oldest Abby for watching the two littlest ones as I helped to unload and direct the furniture and 70+ boxes.  She did a great job and I am so lucky to have had her help.

Some of the things that I have had to start adjusting to:

Sunrise at the ass-crack of dawn and it stays late well past 9pm.

Difference in grocery shopping options.  I like a couple of the stores for different things.  But let’s say it isn’t Raleigh.

There aren’t 6 Chick-fil-A restaurants in my town.  There is one.  Yes, 1.  There is a Krispy Kreme and there are a bunch of other “local” joints that we are starting to experience.

Backroad driving.  You don’t use cross town beltways here as a newby.  You just DON’T.

Getting lost.  After 35+ years in NC, if I got lost, something was wrong.  I had been in Raleigh for over 20.

Weather.  For instance, tomorrow it is going to be in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.  It is over 70 right now back in Raleigh.

Church and religion.  NO Baptist churches that I have run across that I may be comfortable with.  There are a few “contenders”, but actually, we are going to a Methodist service on Sunday coming up.  This might be interesting.

Being able to see stars.  I know that may sound odd, but there is very little to no light pollution where I live now.  That wasn’t the case in Raleigh.  I was 3 miles from the nearest major road and shopping.  It didn’t matter.

Being a grown up.  I’ve had to buy more adult things since I have been here and I am not done yet.  Household stuff like shower curtains and new appliances.  But other things like trash and recycling cans.  And I will soon have to buy a lawn mower of sorts.

I can say however that I like it so far.  Yes, it is different.  But, I honestly believe in the long run this was an awesome decision!

I love my wife and I love my kids!