The road to a better life. That is where we are headed.  We pulled out of the driveway about 4:36 today.  About 2.5 hrs later than we wanted.  Go figure.  At this rate, none of us will be on time for our own funerals.  And go figure, there is still stuff in my old townhouse.  Yep, we couldn’t fit it all. 

Somehow, my communication skills failed us all. I had said I wanted the laundry baskets put in the moving truck. They are in our car.  We even rented a big ol’ Town and Country from Chrysler.  We brought several more boxes with us, the laundry bins/baskets, suitcases, toys, etc.  So much stuff.  We left behind some rather serious things too.  Well, not too serious, but still, they are things we want.  Pictures, an LP canister, and a few other odds and ends.  The minivan and the Jeep both are packed to the brim with stuff.  A vacuum here, a box there.  A dog crate for Emmy as well as Emmy. 

In theory, we are over the moon about the new chance. Me, I am still worried about certain aspects.  Which ones, I won’t say.  There are just things that worry me.  Right now I am sitting in a hotel room.  Me along with my three kids, and the dog.  The mrs. is in the shower.  On top of all of this, my roof of my Jeep has a huge bag on it with my clothes. 

I am just hoping this is all worth it. Cause right now, I’m not following the others to Jonestown.