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Grand means big, or so that is what I remember from my days in school learning definitions.  Or I guess it could be grande?  Either way, we have a big deal coming.  I haven’t written on here in a LONG time.  But, in a week from now, we are moving.  Leaving our sanctuary of Raleigh, NC and headed north.  That’s all I can type right now.  North.  Cold and snowy north. 

Besides that point, I haven’t had an out-of-state move in 35 years.  In 75′ I was born in SC.  Then we moved that same year to GA.  After that, my father took a job and they moved us to NC.  That was 1979.  In 1997 I got all the rest of my crap out of my father’s house and moved in with my then-girlfriend and now wife to a small apartment.  We moved from there in 2004 to our current neighborhood.  But I haven’t experienced a large move in 17 years and not a full out move since the 1970’s.  At that time I rode in a Buick station wagon. (think National Lampoon’s Vacation)

Within the last month lots of things have been going on.  We were headed one place, then another and then another.  From where I am sitting right now, I see 29 U-Haul boxes packed full.  An empty hutch and a bare mantle.  My closet has nothing in it virtually.  My pantry has hardly enough to feed a family for more than a day.  Fridge is almost empty.  There are empty boxes awaiting more things in my garage which by the way, is in total shambles. 

Throughout the whole process tempers have flared.  I have questioned what the hell I have gotten myself into.  My wife took a new job within the same career path.  Me and the kids are along for the ride.  Not much say-so for us in the ordeal.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am the one who told my wife in the first place if she got a new job that she should try to look outside NC.  I’ve been here a long time.  And if you ask her, she would have told you ten years ago that I was going to stay here forever.  And I thought that way a really long time.

Then I decided about a year ago that my kids needed better.  We ALL needed better.  Cleaner environment, trees, water, a fun place.  We have been lucky and God has blessed us with this chance.  A new opportunity to start over and fresh.  In doing so we are moving into a home on almost 8 acres.  There are trees, grass, a treehouse, and lots of outside room to roam and play.  I haven’t had a “yard” since 1993. 

I don’t have grand notions or illusions.  What I do have is hope.  Hope that it is all going to work out fine and be a positive thing for us as a family.  My faith has been tested along this journey.  Right now I still don’t know how some things are going to work.  But I have to rely on God to get us through.