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Yesterday was it. The beginning of summer as I see it now as a parent and old person. The pool at our YMCA opened for the summer. Jeb and Katie have never been in a pool. Abby is like a fish out of water. She’d live in a pool if we let her. Yesterday was a fun day for us as a whole. I went down the water-slide at the Y for the first time.

See, I don’t swim much. When i was five or six one of my brothers took me and a friend Travis out in the ocean in a dingy. It overturned, I went under and about drowned. Our mom ripped him a new anal cavity for that. I was so scared of water all my life, I’ve avoided it like the plague. But, having two toddlers and a tweener, that isn’t an option.

So, a water-slide is momentous for me. There should have been photographers, confetti, etc when I went down. I haven’t been on one in 30 years. It was fun until I nailed my arm/elbow. That hurt like hell. The end was only four feet deep, so I was good there.

Otherwise we had a good time. Katie isn’t so sure of pools. Jeb wasn’t at first, but he warmed to the idea. We did the baby pool for them. Abby on the other hand did the slide three times. She also met a new friend and hung with her for a while in the big people pool.

When I was a kid we did the city pool. We had no pool membership or club membership. My dad was tight with money. I’m fairly certain we could’ve had one, but he just didn’t. The Y is a great institution. For kids and old geezers like me. The city pools though keep you grounded. They remind you we are all equals.

Today we are at the pool in the neighborhood. And again, she’s made a friend. Right now she’s playing that hellish Marco Polo game feet from me. I wanna help her out. But I can’t. I also want to mute them both, but I cannot. There are 9 people in the pool. We got here and there was 30+ in there.

Tomorrow we will be back at the Y. Hopefully Abby can see some of her friends. That would be nice. I’m hoping for a fun summer for the kids and me!

I love my wife and I love my kids!!!