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I’ve got no doubt Steve Jobs was a brilliant man. However, his inventions may very well be the downfall of society. People yapping on phones everywhere. If they aren’t yapping they’re face timing or web surfing. They are downright rude when using those things. Walking along, paying no attention to the world around them. They bump into us, or worse, if they’re using it when driving they clog traffic or cause wrecks.

Tons of times I watch as people text or use their I products for something else. My own family struggles with this. Walk into a room and by gosh, three of the five are glued to the Apple product. I’ve been guilty of this. However, nothing like our tween nor the next victim. Our two yr old has been introduced to the world of Apple. And not by me. I personally don’t like it. It squashes imagination. Nothing is imaginative about putting the same shapes or colors into the same place over and over. It’s taken the place of a Fisher Price shape sorter now.

Our two year old will scream and cry, basically throwing a tangent to get an i whatever to play. It’s not healthy. Neither is being glued to it the entire car ride….ahem tweener. I’m hoping it’s merely a passing thing. At least for six to seven hours a day I can focus her energy elsewhere.

I love my wife and I love my kids!