Generally a good hour to hour and a half of my day is spent in carpool. Nothing and no process is perfect. This is an example of that. If you saw Mr. Mom ever, you know that cars enter at one end and exit another in carpool. There is an order to it. Like the line at the Piccadilly or K&W cafeteria. Kinda like the lunch line too. This is one place where order needs to be. Especially with well over 100 cars coming through the line twice a day and kids darting around.

You don’t come in the wrong way. You don’t jump line. You don’t squeeze in at the expense of someone’s bumper. At the same time, you don’t abandon your car to go yap with someone else in their car and hold up the line. We all have kids to get or we wouldn’t be in the line.

Don’t expect us to be nice to you when you bust in front of us. Don’t expect smiles when you keep us from getting our kids. It isn’t going to happen. Nothing is quite as irksome as sitting in line for 30 minutes, waiting and watching, and then some jackwagon comes along the side street and squeezes in front of the car two ahead of you while they’re screwing with their iTouch or iPhone.

Then we have the drifters. That’s what I call them. Those who drift and leave three car lengths between them and the next car which then allows three more cars into the line. Then we have the total ass. These people pull in the lot the wrong way each day, park in the middle of a line of traffic or the middle of the lot and run to the school to get their kids. Not once or twice. These people do it! Jeeze!

I know that this seems petty. But there are days when all I do want is to get my kid so I can see her and her smile. To make sure that she is ok. And pretty soon, I’m not going to be as nice to these asses in carpool. It’s nearing the end of the year and these people I won’t see again. Hmmm… Perhaps it’s time to speak my mind to them.

I love my wife and I love my kids!