In carpool this morning I swear I thought I was at a production of Ringling Bros. I was watching the clowns. There was a car a couple of cars ahead of me. A VERY nice black Mercedes. It was one of the larger class models. Sleek and shiny.

I don’t know why I noticed it more than any other car. Perhaps because I don’t see too many of the bigger class Mercedes. As I’m sitting there, the clock is getting closer to drop off time. The back door opens and out pops a kid. Ok, now we are getting ready to move up the carpool line. Yes!

Then, another kid. Ok. I inch a bit closer. Abby unbuckles her seatbelt. Then I stop. I cannot go further without hitting the Accord in front of us. Kid number three pops out. Wow, three kids, all in close age. I’ve got two close.

Ok, let’s move it along. Then another kid pops out. Four kids? In the back seat of this thing? There cannot be any more. There weren’t. The last little girl slammed the 300lb door shut. Four kids, all relatively close in age, piling out. WOW. JUST, WOW! I never thought they were going to stop.

Perhaps they weren’t all in the one family. Perhaps it was truly carpooling at its finest. Family or friends helping one another out. The old fashioned way. Truly helping. What a neat idea.

I love my wife and I love my kids!