Big sister love. I’ve been where our two littlest ones are. The babise, doted on and watched over by big sister. It can have its pluses and it has it’s drawbacks too.  This picture was back in our old home in Raleigh, NC.  He was just over a year.  Abby is a great big sister and always will be I think.  I had started this blog and stopped it.

Since starting it, she has done so much for her brother and sister.  Stepped up to babysit, offering to do so sometimes and not asking for anything.  She will even change diapers sometimes.  There have been days I have been home but too sick to move and she will step up and take over.  She has made their meals, played with them in the yard, watched movies with them, consoled them at night, held them until they fell asleep, rocked them and just been all around great to and for them.

Now granted, like all siblings there has been a rivalry, even head to head fighting if you can imagine between these 3.  But in the end, I truly believe, mess with the two littlest ones, and she will cut you and come after you with a vengeance.