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Shameful.  That is what it was.  We stopped at Target on the way home tonight from church.  I needed to return an item.  Simple in and out of the place.  It was simple to make the return.  As it was later than normal at night and the kids hadn’t eaten, I decided to grab the two littles something to nibble on until we got home for supper.  I grabbed a box of goldfish.  That was easy enough.

I made my way to the checkout lanes.  I scanned the lanes trying to find the best option.  I had screaming youngin’s in the car with momma.  So, I picked a lane.  Harmless enough I got in line behind a guy almost done being checked out with his jogging stroller a la diapers on it and a lady with a booster car seat and a few other items.

As I’m waiting, the lady in front lets out a loud groan along with “Are you serious?”  I thought that something awful was happening.  I’m loud as my wife can attest.  This was really loud like head-turning loud.  Almost as if it were me being loud and obnoxious.  The lady then made it known that she’d left her wallet someplace other than in her $300+ Coach purse.

Then, out of nowhere, the guy, with the baby jogging stroller and diapers turns to the lady in between us and said, “I can get that for you.”  At first I thought that he was with her.  As in perhaps sister or sitter or something else.  Nope.  Just another lady, buying things she needs.  Him, in the store with a stroller.  BABY stroller.  Again he said, “I can get that for you if you need it.”  HUH?

Did he just offer to buy the stuff for the lady he did NOT know?  Yep, he did.  Why?  Who the hell knows?  I told my wife it was HORRIBLE flirtation.  As in, unless he is totally giving, puts all ahead of himself and sacrifices all, he was flirting.  She said no thank you twice.  As in, my wife said FREAKY, she bolted. OUT.THE.DOOR.  As she was leaving, he said out loud, “What, is it like a grand or something?”

Yep, he offered to buy this stuff for a lady.  It was awkward and hilarious.  As I walk out, he was standing there, out front explaining to his wife what he had been doing.  As she apparently had been watching him through the front windows of the store.  He appeared to be blushing and turning a bit red trying to explain himself.  It reminds me of Ricky saying to Lucy, “You got some splaining to do!”

I love my wife and I love my kids!