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These hard decisions….pull ups versus keeping in diapers.  Which one to do?  With our oldest, she was in pull-up style diapers by age two.  With my middle one, I have been waiting and waiting.  She is two and a half and honestly, I hate pull-ups.  HATE.THEM.  Why?  Once you undo that side, there ain’t no going back.  Diapers, at least you get some break.  Also, there are not as many pull-ups thus making them cost inefficient.  Yep, I’m frugal.  Ok, a cheap bastard with some of this stuff.

As well, those pull-ups never take into account wiggle room for hips and big butts on little kids.  All cheeks are not created equal.  I just don’t like them.  I don’t believe any of it has to do with the fact that my kids are growing up and this is one of those things associated therein.  I think it is more what I said before.  As well, with this child she has NO interest in using the restroom on a constant basis.  Neither rewards, prizes or threats work.  She just doesn’t feel the urge.  She’d rather pee her diaper a gallon and potentially leak versus sitting on a toilet.  I’m beginning to wonder if she’ll be in those things when she darts in the door in kindergarten. 

If so, I will have fought the good fight and tried.  I will also then be the laughing stock on an elementary school parent list.  Oh darn.  She will let me and her momma know when she is ready.  Not a moment too soon either I don’t think.