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Not literally.  We don’t even own a cat.  However, for two years now the “hoods” cat has made the landscaped area behind our home her home.  As well, she has brought with her, or delivered now 3 litters of cats.  The most recent within the last 6-8 weeks.  They are cute as a button.  All six of them.  Two that are mostly black with a tad white and then four white-gray-black ones.  They love their momma.

My oldest, like me has a soft spot for animals.  Not as soft as me.  I wouldn’t mind bringing them all in.  Yep, the whole herd of em’.  My wife, eh, not so much.  But, with six cats living behind us, we laugh daily and appreciate family more I think.  See, we have a neighbor that is like Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched.  You remember her….a nosy, self-appreciating bitch.  The kind who has to know your shit, her shit and all the other neighbors shit.  From what time you leave and get home, to what kind of stuff you own, etc.  Always watching you when you get home with the kids or from the store.  Asking nosy questions about your life and that of your family.  I’d love for all the kittens to make her back patio their litter box. 

If we could afford to bring them all in, AND if it wasn’t a huge issue, I would do it.  If for no other reason, to save them all.  See, our own Mrs. Kravitz will call the animal control if she hasn’t already.  In about a week or so I expect the little kittens to start disappearing.  They will go in cages that the AC officer will set up on Mrs. Kravitz’s patio.  She will lure them in to their final resting place.  The city/county pound.  IMHO, I hope that the cat’s momma will claw the hell out of her ass one day.  Serves her miserable ass right.

As for me and my brood, I will keep on watching and loving them from afar! 

I love my wife and I love my kids!