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They are pains in the ass.  Period.  End of story, discussion and words.  Tweens.  Those kids between young and a teenager.  Tweens are just ugh.  Some words cannot express the frustration.  Mouthy, loud, obnoxious, know-it-alls who thing their shit comes out in a Ziploc.  And on top of that, have one that has some “extra needs”.  Needs above and beyond your everyday child.  That perhaps makes it the most difficult. 

No medicine works yet.  Not therapy, not family time, not church or religion.  NADA.  ZILCH.  And it is stressful.  Way beyond your normal daily stress of hungry and screaming toddlers.  It just compounds itself over and over like interest in old checking and savings accounts did in the 80’s.  A child that won’t listen on purpose.  A child that seems to look right straight through you as you tell her things to do.  A child that you can draw it out on paper, write down the most simplistic of instructions and they still look at you as if you have three heads. 

This child won’t clean their room.  Can’t fathom that the answers her parents give her when correcting her homework are right.  Wants to argue with us and also any other breathing thing on the planet.  The same child that a few years ago was WAY ahead of her classmates.  That was reading and doing amazing things at age 2 and 3.  I can’t take it some days.  She just grates your last nerve.  THE.LAST.ONE.

There isn’t much we can do any longer to help it.  Nothing works.  This is one of those faith trying times.  You know those.  You wonder IF there is anyone in the complaint and prayer department up in Heaven that is taking or accepting messages today.  And to think, I have 9 years or so of this left?  Oh my.  I’m not alone in the struggle.  I have my wife.  But she has her days too.  And heaven help us when we both have run through our wits in a given day. 

I just have to keep having faith that God will help out in this situation.  That He and He alone can work wonders.