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Recently I started the task of gathering stuff together from my littlest ones to box up. Bibs, burp clothes, favorite shirts and mementoes. The hard part is realizing that our son is probably the last kid we are going to have. Putting their first shoes and his Best Little Brother onesie in a box was hard.

Also the Tinkerbell shawl that our oldest wore that our middle also wore was put away. That perhaps was the hardest. We had forgotten until a year ago that we’d saved it. It was in a memory box that we were looking through. I pulled it out and washed it. It fit our “new” Tink fan perfectly. She sported it this last winter on multiple occasions.

Seeing her in it reminded us of Abby’s time wearing it. Abby would sleep in it, play in it, play dress up in it, etc. Katie sported it to church, to play in, and to nap in too. For all that make these two girls polar opposites, they have tons in common. Love clothes, love to play until they drop, hate to be woken up, enjoy television. One thing that is in stark contrast however is the youngest hasn’t gotten an affinity for the Disney princesses. She has for Elsa and Anna. But nobody else. No Sleeping Beauty, not Ariel, not Snow White.

The next few years no doubt will allow for more stuff to be boxed up. I’ve got more than seven boxes and Rubbermaid totes full of early memories from Abby and Katie. I’m truly excited about what I can fill up more boxes with!!!